International Sponsorship Fund 2020 application form

We are pleased to announce that the application period for the ABRSM International Sponsorship Fund 2020 is now open. Please note that the application period will close at 12pm on 12 November. Please read the Application Guidelines before filling in an application to ensure your organisation is eligible for the fund.

Please indicate how ABRSM’s support will be acknowledged in your activities (Specify below)

• ABRSM logo placement at event/during activity etc • ABRSM personnel (e.g. local representative) to attend event/activity • Named sponsorship of an award • ABRSM logo and website address used in promotional materials • Anticipated media coverage (please send any examples/clippings to ABRSM) • Other (please specify below)

If you’d like to include any documents to support your application, please email them to [email protected] with the name of your organisation and the phrase ‘supporting documents’ in the subject line

As data controller, ABRSM will use any personal information that you provide to process the International Sponsorship Fund, in accordance with applicable data protection laws and the ABRSM privacy policy.


I agree that:

  • ABRSM’s decisions on funding is final;
  • If this application is successful, the funds received will be used only for the purpose described above, otherwise they will be returned immediately to ABRSM;
  • Funding will usually be provided on a one-off basis for a particular project or programme;
  • ABRSM reserves the right to withdraw financial support if the terms are not fulfilled;
  • If this application is successful, ABRSM will exchange the funds to the preferred currency based on the exchange rate on the day the transaction is made. I accept that the receiving bank may incur a small fee and this will not be payable by ABRSM;
  • ABRSM’s support will be acknowledged by including the International Sponsorship Fund Logo in online and printed promotional materials related to the specific project that ABRSM will be sponsoring.

Should my application be successful, I further agree to supply ABRSM with the following when requested, in a timely manner:

  • Proof of bank account in the organisation’s name;
  • Externally audited financial statements (to include a summary income and expenditure account, balance sheet and cash flow if available) for at least the last two years;
  • Signed terms and conditions, safeguarding and logo licensing agreement;
  • Your organisation’s logo;
  • A short description and history the organisation (150 words);
  • High-resolution photographs of the organisation’s activities with signed consent forms from those in the photographs if identifiable;
  • A calendar of upcoming planned events;
  • A final report to be submitted within 1 month of completion of your project/programme or by 1 December 2020 (whichever is sooner) ;
  • Updates on the work of the project ABRSM is sponsoring which can be used as content for social media.

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